About me

This is very much work in progress

It all started when I learned that programming is creativity and power. I hadn't had any contact to programming ever. As a neuroscientist, I performed data analyses with Excel. Yes I can see the rolling eyes, of every programing capable scientist who has had to do with such semi-pros and ther extensive excel sheets.
I had programmers as colleagues back then, and from those I learned, that with tools such as MatLab, data analysis is so much easier, powerfull and fun. I wanted to learn how to do that as well. But instead of learning MatLab I stumbled over some online courses for HTML and CSS and then there was no turning back.

Over a period of some years which started around 2010 – and felt much like a rollercoaster ride – I have taught myself the basic skills of webdevelopment and found my first job as a frontend developer in 2014.